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Waterproof and Tearproof Marksheets & Degree Certificates by the Universities in Karnataka

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Recently, Karnataka government got a huge amount of loan from the world bank to improve facilities in state universities and government colleges. Now, the minister said tamper-proof marks cards and degree certificates will be issued to all UG and PG students in the state soon.

More details for Waterproof and Tearproof Marksheets & Degree Certificates:

Induction and graduation day ceremonies for students joining undergraduate and postgraduate courses will go green in state universities and government colleges from the next academic year. Students will be required to plant saplings on their campus and its neighbourhood and care for them till they complete their courses.

Tamper-proof marks card for all the Students:-

Marks cards and degree certificates of college students in the state will be made tamper-proof by using a brand of security paper of the Mysore Sales International Ltd (MSIL) that has various security features.

After they complete their courses, their degree certificates will have pictures of saplings they planted and nourished, said Mr. Rayareddi. Rayareddi said around 20 lakh students will be involved in this exercise this year and universities and colleges have been given a choice to select a date to start this initiative. He said each university is governed by its own act, but soon the government will bring all universities under one common Karnataka Comprehensive Universities Act.

He also spoke about bringing all state universities under one common act, the Karnataka Universities Comprehensive Act’. “Presently, each university is governed by its own act. The common act will bring all of them under one set of rules and streamline processes like appointment of syndicates and vice chancellors. In Karnataka, the GER (gross enrolment ratio) is 24% while in the Hyderabad-Karnataka region it is only 10%,” said Rayareddi.

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